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My Company Averages More Sales Per Agent

My company average more buyer side sales per agent compared to any other office in Harbor Country! Download the report. Read this article, and then meet with me for 30 minutes and I will show you how we do it.

We put your marketing on Auto Pilot! Drip email no longer works! Drip email is so bad it will likely backfire on you and eventually have your email account blacklisted and your messages destined for the Junk Mail folder before your client will see it.

From Lead Generation to post-closing follow up, we provide our Agents with an automated, "closed loop", 360 degree view of every client. This allows the Agent to focus on those clients who are ready to buy, while our  "system" monitors the others for signs of increased interest. The result is more sales in less time, with greater customer satisfaction, better communication, and increased client loyalty.  Our exclusive system is the foundation on which you can build a successful real estate career and stay in front of the competition, on the cutting edge of sales, marketing, and communication.

Real Estate Technology Second To None

We are a high tech, user friendly, real estate brokerage, with a dominant internet presence.  Our websites are visited by thousands of unique visitors per month, generating well over 100,000 page views per month, and growing!  We have an in house, award winning, web developer who's skillset includes Php, Ruby, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Django, etc..., a SEO & Internet Marketing Department, and an automated, customizeable client management system tied to dozens of in house lead capture and filtering processes that are second to none.

We have an exclusive, contractual relationship with one of the country's most successful real estate technology developers and consultants. We own exclusive rights to their services in Southwest Michigan and Northwest Indiana. This small group of technology gurus were the founding partners of a startup real estate technology firm that was sold to an industry dinosaur several years ago in a reported eight figure deal. Well, the boys are back and we are estatic they have agreed to be part of our team.

Break Away From Obsolete Real Estate Practices

The traditional real estate office is an obsolete relic. Those who adapt and implement better technologies and methods will thrive. Those who do not, will quietly wither on the vine and die.


Paul ZubrysReinvent your business and change your life forever!

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