When viewing property on this website, you will notice each has a specification named Status. The status describes the availability of the property.

Status = Active

Active listings

A Status of Active indicates the property is available for purchase.

Status = Active - Backup

Under Contract

A Status of "Active - Back Up" indicates the property is under contract. An offer to purchase was made by a Buyer and accepted by the Seller.  The Seller is considering Back up offers while the status remains "Active-Backup".

Status = Active - Contingent


A Status of "Active - Contingent" indicates the property is under contract by a Buyer whereby the Contract to Purchase is contingent upon the sale and closing of a property the Buyer currently owns and is offered for sale. This status is so rare in our market I was unable to find an example. Hence, the unicorn. 

Status = Pending

Pending Sale

A status of "Pending" indicates the property is under contract and scheduled for closing. The home is no longer offered for sale and the property is typically no longer shown to other prospective Buyers.

Status = Sold

Sold, closed

A status of "Sold" indicates the transaction has been successfully consummated and the property is now deeded to the new owner. Sold listings will usually display the latest asking price as well as the selling price. I designed this website to display the selling price is one of two colors. If the selling price is displayed in Green font, the selling price was equal to or greater than the asking price. If the amount is displayed in Red, the final selling price was less than the asking price.

Incorrect Status

Occasionally, the seller's agent will not report the current status correctly. More often than not, this is simply an honest oversight. If we catch this error, we will report it to the MLS, however, I cannot control or edit the status of any property displayed on this site as the status is automatically generated by a direct feed from the MLS.

If you have questions about the status of any property, or anything else, please ask. Contact us, and include the property's address and/or MLS#. We will respond ASAP.